Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sparrow Tattoo - symbol eternity, luck, and innocence

What does a Sparrow Tattoo mean?
Sparrows can mean: eternity, luck, and innocence. Sparrows can travel great distances, but always return home.
The sparrow is an inconspicuous small bird, buff and brown, it flits from here to there in the company of other sparrows, free to take flight as and when it pleases.
These Sparrow Tattoos are typically worn somewhere on the hands, wrists or arms, but they can really be placed pretty much anywhere on the body. Most sparrow tattoos are quite small, like the birds themselves.
female Sparrow Tattoo

Sibol Sparrow Tattoo
Sparrow Tattoo
Celebrity  Sparrow Tattoo
Sparrow Tattoo gallery
Sparrow Tattoo
Lately Sparrow tattoo
Swallows can also symbolize renewal and fresh beginnings. With one swallow facing forward looking to the future.
You may not perceive the common sparrow as the bird of love, but a lot of people do. When sparrows mate, they mate for life. A sparrow is a symbol of finding your true love and can be very popular with couples to show their commitment and love and loyalty to each other.
Some tattoo artists would get sparrow tattoos somewhere on their body to draw the evil away from their bodies because they tattoo demons and anti-religious designs every day. They believe it will protect them from the evil spirits.
Sparrows are mentioned in the bible and have some religious meanings. Sparrow Tattoo should always be tattooed in pairs.
The Egyptians associate sparrows/swallows with the stars and believed that they caught the souls of those who have passed.
Lately Sparrow tattoo seem to be popular with those into Rockabilly and are tattooed on either side of the neck for guys or across the chest or abdomen for women.

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