Sunday, April 18, 2010

Celebrities love tattoos

It is not really amazing to learn that many celebrities love tattoos, nor is it surprising that those who are in the public eye and in the media have quite a considerable influence on the general people’s fascination with tattoos. The stars have tattoos, so all of their fans want tattoos too. For celebrities, age is not a factor; older as well as the younger ones have them. We know all of these people-- but do we also know about what unique styles of artwork they have?
One of America's most popular movie stars, Robert DeNiro, has made an appearance in movies, sporting numerous tattoos. Whether or not his fans realize that they are only accessories, and he uses Temporary Tattoos for his films. The fact is in real life Robert DeNiro has only one Real Tattoo, that of a black panther. Another actor who shows off many tattoos in his movies is Johnny Depp; all of his, however, are real. Bruce Willis also has a few tattoos; most notably the symbol of his movie "Die Hard."

 Robert DeNiro TATTOO

 Johnny Depp TATTOO
 Tattoos have also been in style with many noted musicians. Former teen idol Justin Timberlake has a guardian angel, and a few more. Rapper Eminem has more tattoos than countable, including his daughter's name and his own.
Justin Timberlake TATTOOS
Rapper Eminem tattoos
Not to be defeated, many female stars also show off various degrees of artwork. Young actress Drew Barrymore is essentially a canvas full of tattoos; it is believed that she designed them herself. Reese Witherspoon is more understated, wearing only one small star tattoo which is rarely visible. too has a variety of tattoos, the most notable being the word 'Mommy' on one finger, which reportedly used to read 'Tommy. Pam Anderson has several tattoos on her back, finger, and forearm. The tattoo she is most known for, of course, is the barbwire  design on her left arm. Though the barbwire  design originally came out of prison  culture, the "Barb Wire" star singlehandedly popularized it for our generation. This Baywatch cutie and former Playboy Playmate has probably done more to advance tattoo culture than her ex-husband, Tommy Lee!
Pamela Anderson  tattoos
Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has five stars to represent each member of her family, her husband's initials, and the time-honored Jewish phrase 'I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine.
Victoria Beckham tattoo
While many celebrities have had tattoos for a very long time, the popularity of tattoos amongst stars has been ever-increasing, both in the number of celebrities who opt for them and the number of tattoos that they have. A very few have only permanent tattoo; more and more are taking on a large number of different temporary tattoos like Water Transfer , Glitter, Crystal Tattoos. Out of these, crystal tattoos are the most popular amongst women, as it adds a dash of glamour to their personality. As celebrities show off their tattoos, and this is picked up by the media, it presents a growing influence for their fans, especially amongst the younger generation, who want to ape them. As with anything else that stars do in the public eye, their influence with tattoos helps this form of artwork become more prevalent, more popular, and more acceptable to most of the people.

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