Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yakuza Tattoos in Different Styles and Forms

Yakuza Tattoos
Yakuza Tattoos
Yakuza TattoosYakuza tattoos in different styles and forms. They are often done in colored inks and their designs make bold statements. Yakuza tattoos are often placed in body spots that are often exposed for the entire world to see. You can often see them on their hands, arms, chest and necks. Because of the relation of Yakuza to tattoos, you cannot blame a normal Japanese to be afraid and slightly frightened of some people with large and daring tattoos. It is common for heavily tattooed people to be banned in public and some exclusive hotels. Yakuza is known to tattoo their own members. If you see a black ring around an arm of a Yakuza, this can stand for the number of crimes he committed.

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